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thumbto the website of Greek composer Aristides Strongylis. On the home page you find current news on works, perfor­man­ces, and projects. You can get an over­view about his work from CV and list of works or learn more about his projects. The sound page offers extracts of works, high-re­so­lu­tion pic­tures for down­load can be found on the photo page. Of course you can also get in touch with the composer himself. For questions on the web­site, please contact the web­master.

Upcoming :: Bluebeard's Castle with and by Leonora Gaitanou

Since September 2021 Aristides has been working on an arrangement of Béla Bartók's opera "Bluebeard's Castle" commissioned by the opera singer Leonora Gaitanou. Gaitanou's perspective on the Bluebeard myth will be from the point of view of Judith and feature an ensemble of 25 artists, with King Bluebeard as a speaker role. Gaitanou herself is in charge of concept and direction, as well as singing the main part of Judith. Watch the trailer of the project below, to be premiered in summer 2022.

More on the"Judith Project" on the website of Leonora Gaitanou

Judith or the Blaubarts Burg/trailer from LEONORA GAITANOU on Vimeo.

From November 2, 2021 :: Klangwerkraum – Composition workshop for adults

On November 2nd, "Klangwerkraum" begins, a composition workshop for adults that will run for a whole season. The group meets on Tuesdays and works on new compositions. The results will be presented in late spring following a major concert by the Gewandhaus Orchestra.

Gewandhaus for adults - Composition workshops and more

Oktober 25-30, 2021 :: Klangschmiede – Composition workshop for children

From October 25th to 30th the composition workshop "Klangschmiede" for pupils from 1st to 6th grade takes place in the Gewandhaus. For one week, Aristides and six children work on three wonderful compositions.The results will be premiered in a private event in the Mendelssohn Hall.

Gewandhaus for children - Program overview

Oktober 24, 2021 :: Come on in! Day of the Open Door at the Gewandhaus

On October 24th Aristides will be at the Tag der offenen Tür at Leipzig's Gewandhaus with two composition workshops for adults and present the "Klangwerkraum" workshop for the current season. Young and old are invited to make music themselves, to experiment, to do handicrafts and to immerse themselves in the 40-year history of the famous concert hall.

September 25, 2021 :: Classic for Children - winners' concert

On September 25th Aristides plays the children and youth award winners concert of the 16th music festival „Klassik für Kinder“ with his musica viva Orchestra. Actor and puppeteer Christian Fux, children's choir director Matthias Schubotz with the children's choir of the forum thomanum elementary school and the orchestra will play the "Peters Wolf" award-winners and discoverers' concert. You can hear and see excerpts from Mussorgski's "Pictures at an Exhibition" arranged for wind instruments, Samuel Barber's "Adagio" for strings, and parts of Dvořák's 9th Symphony. The award-winning pieces will of course also be premiered: "Kammerstück 1" for orchestra by Nona Maaß and a piece for wind instruments by Antoine Eden. We congratulate all the winners!

More on the website of the festival "Klassik für Kinder"

May 29, 2021 :: MORE MUSIC / BRIGHT LIGHT :: Premiere of work commissioned by Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie

New work, commissioned by Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie - Aristides Strongylis' piece for orchestra entitled 2020 will be premiered on May 29, 2021 at Rhein Mosel Hall Koblenz, performed by its musical initiator Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie under the magnificent Garry Walker; violin: Jack Liebeck. The concert entitled MEHR MUSIK / HELLES LICHT (More Music / Bright Light) will feauture Aristides Strongylis' 2020 (world premiere), Richard Strauss' concerto op. 8 for violin and orchestra, and Felix Mendelssohn's symphony A major no. 4 op. 90 "Italian". The performance wil be recorded by SWR2 and broadcast at a later date.

This premiere was postponed to May 2021 from the original October 2020 due to Covid.

Mosaik 2020 initiative by Calmus Ensemble :: Y and micro compositions from all over the world

The Calmus Ensemble has launched Mosaik 2020: Numerous international composers are called upon to compose a unanimous piece, a miniature for vocal ensemble about how musicians are doing in Corona times. For this purpose, Aristides Strongylis has composed a micro-composition called "Y". The project will be presented online or in person in March 2021.

New piece for MDR school project

For a school music project of MDR, Aristides has composed a work for orchestra and a school class. Schools within the MDR broadcasting area can apply, then one class per state will be chosen. Aristides' piece, entitled rote, verlassene Erde (Red, Abandoned Earth), will be performed as part of the Earth program, alongside pieces from various eras. The school class will be on equal footing with the orchestra; students will play alongside professional musicians and learn to interact with other voices and follow the conductor. School workshops and the premiere are planned for fall 2021.

musica viva :: New program keeping the distance

The chamber orchestra musica viva is preparing its new season, which due to Covid will include some works separated into strings and winds, but also some for tutti instrumentation. The program includes pieces like as Beethoven's 1st Piano Concerto (soloist Prof. Frank Peter), Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition in a shorter version for winds, Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings and Aristides Strongylis' Equilibrium for chamber orchestra. Stay tuned for concert dates!

Note: concerts and news of previous years can be found in the → archive