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List of works

Aristides Strongylis' works are being pulished by Edition Gravis

→ List of works in .pdf format

  1. Equilibrium (1998), arrangement for chamber orchestra (2020)
    This work was made possible by a stipend of Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
    ca 9'
  2. "Y" for 5 voices a capella (2020)
    commissioned by Calmus ensemble for their Mosaik 2020 program
    ca 1'
  3. "rote, verlassene Erde" for orchestra and pupils' ensemble (2020)
    commissioned by MDR
    ca 5'
  4. "2020" for orchestra (2020)
    commissioned by Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie
    ca. 14'
  5. Equality (2019)
    joint composition with class 9/1 of Goethe Gymnasium Bischofswerda for the 2020 Beethoven Experiment
    commissioned by MDR
    ca. 6'
  6. PNOE (2019)
    short piece for orchestra with improvising pupils' ensemble
    commissioned by MDR Klassik
    ca. 4'
  7. "Adonai! Kyrie! Lord! Herr!" for mixed choir, solo voice and organ (2018)
    commissioned by Reinhard Riedel and the Leipzig Synagogalchor
    ca 12'
  8. "Angels of Hope" for large orchestra (2016/17)
    commissioned by the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, marking its 275. anniversary season
    ca 11'
  9. Moires - Violin Concert (2015)
    for solo violin, women's choir and orchestra
    dedicated to Leonidas Kavakos
    ca 40'
  10. Ewige Treue (2012)
    for soprano and piano
    Lyrics: Ingolf Serwuschok
    ca 6'30''
  11. Party Pieces Project (2012)
    co-composition with 100 international composers
    for oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, vibraphone, accordion, piano, violin, viola, and violincello
    ca 1'
  12. The Seven Chakras of Dionysus (2011/12)
    for narrator, mezzo soprano and 13 instrumentalists
    dedicated to Vladimir Jurowski
    ca 50'
    EG 1917 LM
  13. The 7 Open Chakras of Dionysus (2009/10)
    for piano solo
    ca. 38'
    EG 1873
  14. Troisième Hymne Delphique à Apollon (2008/09)
    [Third Delphian Hymn to Apollo]
    ca. 22'
    string quartet no. 2 (commissioned by Hatto Beyerle)
    EG 1812
  15. playback play (2007)
    ca. 12´
    for viola and organ (commissioned by MDR-Figaro; CD recording)
    EG 1055+1055a
  16. Lilly Panthea (2007)
    ca. 4´
    for children's string quartet (commissioned by Elisabet Heineken and Hatto Beyerle)
  17. Message from Sirius (2007)
    ca. 25´
    for tenor, dancer, and two percussionists
  18. Zwischen Tier und Gott [Between Beast and God] (2006)
    ca. 8´-9´
    for solo viola (commissioned by violist Tatjana Masurenko)
    EG 993
  19. Peronellas Fass [Peronella’s Barrel] (2005)
    ca. 11´
    for five male voices a capella (commissioned by ensemble amarcord)
    EG 978+978a
  20. Satireiki - Music for Theater Play (2005)
    ca. 20´
    for one percussionist plus trumpet, bagpipe, accordion, and guitar
  21. about energy (2004)
    ca. 11´
    for chamber ensemble
    EG 979
  22. alphabeta (2004)
    ca. 30´
    for full orchestra
    EG 895
  23. Tango per te (2003)
    ca. 3´
    for string quartet
  24. Der Kampf mit dem Tiger [Fighting the Tiger] (2003)
    ca. 18´30´´
    for 7 wind instruments, two percussionists and a narrator
    EG 911
  25. b. Der gläserne Apfel [The glassy apple] (2008)
    (Goldmund’s Time)
    ca. 20´
    for string orchestra and CD (2008)
    EG 1811LM
  26. a. Der gläserne Apfel [The glassy apple] (2002)
    (Goldmund’s Time)
    ca. 20´
    for 19 strings and CD
    EG 966
  27. Die Zeit des Narziss [Narcissus’ Time] (2001)
    String quartet no. 1
    ca. 10´
  28. Das Orakel [The Oracle] (2001)
    ca. 12´
    for harp and clarinet
    EG 965
  29. Bows (2000)
    ca. 10´
    for violin and viola
  30. 4 early piano pieces (1999-2000)
    ca. 12´
    for piano
  31. Equilibrium (1998)
    ca. 11´
    for string orchestra
  32. Music for two blushing guitars (1998)
    ca. 6´
    for two guitars
  33. As time goes by (1996)
    ca. 6´
    for guitar and flute
  34. Schwanengesang [Swan Song] (1995)
    ca. 6´
    for guitar and flute



  1. Kalanda Christugennon (2009)
    ca. 3´
    für mixed choir (commissioned by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk TV)
  2. Kálanda (2008), Greek Christmas and New Year's songs
    ca. 8´
    for five male voices a capella (commissioned by ensemble amarcord)
  3. Christmas I-II (2004)
    ca. 17´
    for piano, flute and soprano (commissioned by pianist Hendrik Bräunlich)
  4. Meditango (2002)
    ca. 6´30´´
    by Astor Piazzolla
    for string quartet (commissioned by the Iturriaga Quartet)



What others say

"[Strongylis] has tenacity and masters the art of telling stories in tones. His sound poem after Rilke is complex, but understandable, pathetic and sensual, shimmers exotically and yet remains romantically grounded. It develops great orchestral gesture out of tangible material, is rhythmically stirring and well orchestrated. [...] Strongylis' sounds don't need a screen. They make the pictures walk right in your head."

Peter Korfmacher, Leipziger Volkszeitung, March 4, 2018, on Angels of Hope

"Strongylis paints the drastic fairy tale very incisively. [...] [A] highly expressive work."

(Tatjana Böhme-Mehner, Leipziger Volkszeitung, 11.04.2011, on Fighting the Tiger / Tiger Project)

"Highly energetic music with tonal elements. [...] By its straightforward sound and rhythm, the work appeals to the listener instantaneously. It ends in an ecstatic sound frenzy of refined eloquence."

(Max Nyffeler on Troisième Hymne Delphique à Apollon in nmz 7-8/2010)

"We remember Nietzsche, who opposed the Apollonian to the Dionysian element to describe opposed characters in art. This music thus seems to pose the question of what might be the Apollonian in art."
"... a joyful play with colors and tones."

(Manuel Rösler on Troisième Hymne Delphique à Apollon in ensemble 1/2010)

"[Narzissus’ Time is] a string quartet that impresses: ... intricate spaces of wild, original energy in boundless liberty."

(Goslarsche Zeitung, 21.08.2008)

"The inspring opus Zwischen Tier und Gott [Between Beast and God] (2006) left a lasting impression, a piece commissioned by Tatjana Masurenko to composer Aristides Strongylis, who was present at the concert."

(Saarbrücker Zeitung (Germany), 14.02.2008)

"It would not be entirely fair to say that the piece Die Zeit des Narziss [Narcissus’ Time] by Greek composer Aristides Strongylis was the best of the evening, for the simple reason that the following Brahms left everone impressed. But one can still claim that this opus by Strongylis seemed the most interesting. A hard to play piece, dedicated to the Iturriaga Quartet, and inspired by a book of Hermann Hesse. Utterly delightful."

(Diario Bahía de Cádiz (Spain), 05.07.2007)

"... the opening of the 7th Leipzig Festival for Vocal Music a capella, at the sold-out Gewandhaus Mendelssohn Hall: the hosts [ensemble amarcord] chose four works by Leipzig composers to put on their music stands, among them three first performances … and Aristides Strongylis (b. 1974) ravishing Boccaccio scene, Perronella’s Barrel."

(Peter Korfmacher, Leipziger Volkszeitung (Germany), 02.05.2006)